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Protesting really works

Eighty percent of success is showing up. - Woody Allen

Looking back, we were successful in closing several captive dolphin facilities in the United States, some in Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other places around the world.

There's an important point here that needs to be mentioned: Almost all of these facilities were closed because caring people showed up to protest and demonstrate their concern. If protesting was not part of the campaign, these facilities would still be open for business today, and the suffering would continue.

Some animal protection organizations and individuals don't want to participate in any kind of protest. Some won't participate because they are following the policy of the conservative organization that they work for. Others seem to think that protesting is undignified or below them. Personally, I don't like protesting either, it goes against my very nature. I don't like bringing attention to myself. But it's necessary and important, so I do it anyhow. - Ric O'Barry

When this kind of violent and cruel injustice is absolute, one must oppose it absolutely. And that means showing up to protest, in a non-violent, peaceful manner. The bottom line is: Direct action works.

A measure of our success

Here is a list in no particular order of captive dolphin facilities that were closed or never opened. These success stories were accomplished by ordinary people like yourself who actually showed up to protest these dolphin abusement parks:

Facility Name Location Status
Lerner Marine Lab Bimini, Bahamas Islands Closed
Marineland Adelaide, Australia Closed
Waragamba Dam Dolphinarium Waragamba, Australia Closed
Antwerp Zoo Dolphinarium Antwerp, Belgium Closed
Hagenbeck Zoo Dolphinarium Hamburg, Germany Closed
Kinder Zoo Dolphinarium Rapperswil, Switzerland Closed
Tel Aviv Dolphinarium Tel Aviv, Israel Closed
Luna Park Dolphinarium Tel Aviv, Israel Closed
Seaquarium San Andres, Colombia Closed
Ocean Reef Club Dolphinarium Key Largo, Florida Closed
Oklahoma City Zoo Dolphinarium Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Closed
Ocean World Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Closed
US Navy Dolphin Facility Key West, Florida Closed
Santos Amusement Park Santos, Brazil Closed
Dolphin Swim Program City Swimming Pool, Buenos Aires Argentina Closed
Ocean Expo Dolphinarium Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Never Opened
Dolphin Swim Program Managua, Nicaragua Never Opened
Dolphin Swim Program Guatemala City, Guatemala Closed
Europapark Rust Rust, Germany Closed
Hansaland Dolphinarium Hamburg, Germany Closed
Holiday Park Dolphinarium Hossloch, Germany Closed
Phantasialand Dolphinarium Bruhl, Germany Closed
Paramount Parks (four parks) USA Closed
Wonderland Maple, Ontario, Canada Closed
Worlds of Fun Dolphinarium Kansas City, Missouri Closed
Knotts Berry Farm Dolphinarium Los Angeles, California Closed
Six Flags Dolphinarium Aurora, Ohio Closed
Marine Life Dolphinarium Sioux Falls, South Dakota Closed
Colorado Ocean Journey Denver, Colorado Never Opened
Virginia Marine Science Center Virginia Beach, Virginia Never Opened
Proposed Dolphinarium Maui, Hawaii Never Opened
Sealand Dolphinarium Victoria, BC Never Opened
Montreal Biodome Quebec, Canada Abandoned plan to capture Belugas
Vancouver Aquarium Vancouver, Canada Orca Show Closed
Granby Zoo Quebec, Canada Never Opened
Dolphin Swim Park Les Arcadins Islands, Haiti Closed
Flamingo Land England Closed
Brighton Dolphinarium England Closed
Morecambe Dolphinarium England Closed
Windsor Safari Park England Closed
Moulin Rouge Nightclub Dolphin Show Paris, France Closed
Seaorama Galveston Texas
Ocean World Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA Closed
Cedar Fair Sandusky, Ohio Closed
Kings Island Kings Island, Ohio Closed
Six Flags over Texas Arlington, Texas Closed
Six Flags Mid-America Eureka, Missouri Closed
Astro-World of Houston Houston, Texas Closed
Six Flags Magic Mountain Los Angeles, California Closed
Paradise Acapulco, Mexico Closed
Centro Vacacional Oaxtepec Mexico Never Opened
Edmonton Shopping Mall Dolphin Show Edmonton, Canada Closed
Louisville Marine Mammal Display Louisville, Kentucky Never Opened
Dolphin Discovery Antigua, West Indies Closed
Atlantida Dolphinarium St. Maartin, Dutch West Indies Never Opened
Vodnjan Dolphinarium Vodnjan, Croatia Never Opened
Ocean Embassy Panama San Carlos, Panama Proposed capture of 80 dolphins abandoned
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