the dolphin dealer

Five years in the making and featuring unprecedented footage of the shadowy world of the wild dolphin trade, The Dolphin Dealer is a haunting documentary about the man who perpetrated the largest dolphin capture and export in history. This rare story revolves around Canadian Christopher Porter, a former dolphin trainer at the Vancouver aquarium, and his lead adversary, animal rights activist and former Flipper trainer, Ric O'Barry. Set in the Solomon Islands, the most beautiful yet most brutal nation in the South Pacific, The Dolphin Dealer examines the issues and ethics of the billion dollar swim-with-dolphins industry.

Selling wild dolphins for about $100,000 a head can earn Christopher Porter and his American partners a tidy profit. Although he's been called a hostile pig and a white poacher, Porter is convinced there's nothing wrong with what he does and is a firm believer that aquariums and marine parks give people the opportunity to encounter animals in an affordable setting and in a way they can relate to.

For O'Barry and other activists trying to shut Porter down, the trafficking of wild dolphins is simply an inhuman, money-making scam. Although tourists enjoy the experience of swimming with dolphins, many animals die during the export from the wild or spend the rest of their lives performing tricks in pens. According to O'Barry, for an intelligent animal like the dolphin, this amounts to prostitution.

The Dolphin Dealer was produced by Omni Film Productions Limited in co-production with CBC-TV.

Limited copies of The Dolphin Dealer are available for educational purposes, to request a copy , please email us.

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